“Whatever region of the UK our staff happen to be working in or maybe just travelling through we consider ourselves part of that community. As such we have a responsibility to behave in a certain way that respects those communities.” 

Paul Aldridge – Sustainability Director

As a business with sustainability at its heart, we understand that business has a duty to contribute and leave a positive legacy.  We feel a very close connection to the communities we operate in and are always looking to be of service in any way possible.

Our Thinking Community initiative is the process we use to contribute to wider society by providing opportunities for training and employment, supporting careers events, having STEM ambassadors and working with charities and other NGOs. In addition to this, we have facilitated days out for children with special needs, fundraising for charities and even a birthday party for a police officer with a surprising passion for road markings amongst many others.

The importance of contributing to wider society can be seen from the very top of the organisation with Martin Webb and Wayne Johnston, WJ’s two largest shareholders, taking an active role in our Thinking Community initiative, which also supports employees throughout the business with their own community efforts.

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