SafeZone Average Speed Camera System

WJ supply and install Temporary Automatic Speed Cameras At Roadworks (TASCAR) and are the exclusive UK partner for Siemens SafeZone Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) average speed camera system.

Siemens Mobility have placed complete confidence in WJ’s reputation for exceptional service delivery within the UK traffic management sector to deliver their intelligent highway technology.

TASCAR systems are used for the enforcement of mandatory speed limits using distance over time technology and have been shown to increase speed compliance, reduce congestion and improve road user and road worker safety.

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Siemens SafeZone Speed Camera System

The Sicore 11 ANPR camera is at the heart of the SafeZone technology. Proven in applications worldwide, Sicore cameras provide industry-leading image quality and number plate read accuracy, with the system able to process up to 2,500 fast-moving vehicles per lane per hour.

The Home Office approved SafeZone speed camera system has already been deployed on permanent applications in the UK and abroad, providing reliable, long term operation in a variety of operating environments. The camera system is linked through a 3G or GPRS wireless connection to generate full violation records cost effectively and evidentially secure.

Experienced Delivery and Support

The Siemens Mobility and WJ Group partnership will ensure that the installation, set up, validation and maintenance is supported by an experienced team of engineers, project managers and industry experts in TASCAR.

WJ have a wealth of experience working on the strategic road network and proven expertise in the delivery of TASCAR camera systems over many years. Installation is carried out safely to the highest standards with the minimum of disruption.

Data collection and processing is performed by the SafeZone TASCAR Evidence Retrieval and Control Unit (ERCU), provided locally at police sites or cloud hosted.  The hosted option allows for the secure processing and transfer of evidence to the relevant authorities with minimal administrative overhead.


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