Coloured Demarcation Surfacing

Coloured surfacing is an overlay safety treatment, principally used for demarcation on highways, which contrasts with the neighbouring surfacing material, providing a cost-effective traffic calming solution to influence driver behaviour.

Typically it is used, in combination with road markings and other traffic calming features, for areas where there is a potential safety issue with vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians or when speed is the issue. The surfacing is provided in a full range of standard colours and can be used to identify bus stops, bus lanes, traffic islands, hatched areas, emergency refuge areas, designated cycle lanes, village gateways and speed restrictions roundels.

Coloured surfacing is an ideal demarcation solution for use in ‘Active Travel’ schemes.

Cost Effective
Traffic Calming

Types of Surfacing

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There is a broad range of hot and cold coloured surfacing products available to meet different performance requirements. The selection of the right product will depend on factors such as the anticipated volume and type of traffic, road condition, skid resistance level and colour required as well as the expected weather conditions on application.

WJ has the experience of installing all types of coloured surfacing products and early contact and engagement is strongly recommended to obtain impartial advice on the most appropriate solution.

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Hot Applied

Hot applied coloured surfacing systems employ a resin binder and a graded blend of high PSV aggregates, fine fillers and pigments which are pre-mixed at the factory and heated to a controlled temperature in specialist equipment on site.

Hot applied systems are screed applied and suitable for asphalt, macadam and primed concrete roads. Typically providing a height build-up of 10mm with visible seams between screed ‘pulls’ delivers a functional option, ideal for application all year round on new and worn surfaces.

Due to its build height, hot applied coloured surfacing can be used in strips to create a rumble physical and auditory effect in order to further heighten road user awareness.

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Cold Applied

Cold applied systems are available in a range of technologies including, epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate (MMA). They are provided as single component system or as multiple components which are blended, applied with a squeegee (or sprayed) and aggregate broadcast onto the wet film.

These systems provide a functional, aesthetic and durable coloured demarcation surfacing with good skid resistance.

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