Delivering Sustainable Value

The importance of the Highways industry to the UK economy is perhaps under appreciated. Whilst being a major source of employment it also services over 85% of passenger miles and enables the UK economy to flourish. 

Highways connect people in every corner of the country; they are the circulatory system that keeps the country functioning. There is a tremendous amount of social value delivered by our road network, especially for our aging demographic. Well designed and constructed highways can stitch communities together, make them safer, allow the vulnerable to go about their business safely, but poor highways can quite literally divide communities. 

UK roads are currently amongst the safest in the world and that was achieved by being open to new ideas, working collaboratively, being innovators and early adopters. Therefore it is imperative to continue delivering long-term value we must continuously seek to develop innovative equipment, products and working processes that deliver a safer network that flows freely at great value. 

These sustainable solutions not only increase the social value provided by our road network, but ensure we as a business continuously improve and have opportunities to share best practice and innovative products around the world. We must ensure this is all done ethically and work with our supply chain to safeguard workers in the entire supply chain.  

Efficient Value

Innovation is a WJ core value and we consistently try to do things in a safer and more efficient manner, always trying to increase quality.

•To create value, we need to work efficiently. Efficiency comes from new thinking and innovation. Hence, we are proud to be the innovator of our sector. This will help us with new markets.

•We have over the past created new solutions that are not only more efficient, safe but also a lot more sustainable. Our products have reduced in embedded carbon footprint as well as operational.

•We have seen a stable increase in our profit but decrease in emissions. This has proven our work is not only cost-saving but also sustainable.

•By doing this, we can target our on-going aim of net zero and creating a circular economy collaboratively with our value chain along with responsible governance that is aligned with the global SDGs.

Transparent Value

•Transparency is very important in our business governance.

•We have modern slavery statement and have never observed modern slavery In our business. This is now promoted to our supply chain.

•We also procure ethically, making sure we understand the impacts of our products.

•Our business ethics towards our employees are ??? Everyone has a chance to work for WJ through our non-biased recruitment scheme. We have female, disabled and ethnically-diverse road markers as well as office-based employees. We treat people fairly, inclusively, and respectfully at WJ and everyone has a chance to grow equally.

•Our business ethics towards our clients are ??

•Our business ethics towards our suppliers are ??

Value that is created meaningfully

•We understand that businesses play an important part in creating better societies. And so we plan to incorporate this into our financial value creation.

•We are developing a system to measure our social value current operations and going ahead learning to prioritise certain areas better.