“I now class the A38 as one of the best A roads in the country. The improvements have made all junctions and road markings visible in all weather conditions and night time driving is much safer. I would love all A-roads to be of this quality.”

 Public Comment from Survey about WJ Aided Road Improvement Scheme

The importance of the Highways industry to the UK economy is perhaps under-appreciated. Whilst being a major source of employment it also services over 85% of passenger miles and enables the UK economy to flourish.

Highways connect people in every corner of the country; they are the circulatory system that keeps the country functioning. We must not lose sight of the social value of our road network especially for our ageing demographic. Well designed and constructed highways can stitch communities together, make them safer, allow the vulnerable to go about their business safely, but poor highways can quite literally divide communities.

UK roads are currently amongst the safest in the world and that was achieved by being open to new ideas, working collaboratively, being innovators and early adopters. Therefore it is imperative we continuously seek to develop innovative equipment, products and working processes that deliver a safer network that flows freely at a great value.

This is exactly what WJ aim to do.


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