“Our recently developed carbon footprint model is a huge step forward and it gives us a great opportunity to not only produce the best performing materials but materials that are the best for the environment” 

Garry Duncan – WJ Products Director

We have a duty to our environment, to minimise our impacts and play our part in ensuring that it is handed to the next generation unharmed and hopefully enhanced by our actions.

As a company, we conduct vital, potentially life-saving work, but our work has various environmental impact that we are minimising through human and engineering solutions.

We pride ourselves on our Training Academy and its positive impact on WJ. We have trained over 300 LGV drivers, which includes Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving, the results of which can be a startling 15—20% improvement in fuel efficiency and of course emissions.

Following the Green House Gas Emissions Hierarchy, we are investing in and designing efficient trucks that can do the work of two traditional road marking vehicles by incorporating extra preheaters or interchangeable ones where one truck can potentially carry out High Friction Surfacing and Road Markings.

Combine this with bio-based chemistry increasingly replacing hydrocarbons in our materials, massively reducing their carbon footprint and you begin to see the journey has begun. The start of a successful journey to a decarbonised future

Investing in the future is something we are very proud of here at WJ. We pioneer new and innovative technology and operating practices within the highways industry. It is through these we were able to gain the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard for a third consecutive year showing our commitment to operating sustainably.

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