“Going home safe and well is a fundamental human right, not an aspiration” 

Wayne Johnston – WJ Group Managing Director

Safety is our number one priority, everyone should go home safe and well. This means ensuring our people are exposed to as little risk as possible and are able to manage their work life commitments without compromising their Health, including Mental Health and Wellbeing whilst still remaining efficient and productive at work.

Safety not only is a WJ value but clearly has great value for: WJ, our staff, our supply chain, our clientele and our stakeholders.  We are interdependent and have a duty and commitment to improve safety through our continual improvement, by communicating with others and sharing our lessons learnt and at the same time listening and learning from theirs. Safety is a collaborative exercise which cannot be achieved alone.

We have cultivated a culture within WJ where we continually question and we expect and encourage our stakeholders to challenge us on our safety and safety values. This involvement compels innovation and led to the development of our award winning SOS System, recognising the importance and our commitment to workforce and stakeholder engagement in Health and Safety.

Our commitment to protecting our workplace is appreciated throughout the industry, and as a leader in our sector we aim to collaborate with our partners to ensure our thinking is transmitted throughout the industry and ensure the safety of everyone.

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