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Supporting the off-highway market with safe, sustainable solutions.

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Operating for over 35 years we have worked in various off-highway markets to support private and public organisations with safe, sustainable, and long-lasting line marking and safety solutions.

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with businesses of all sizes within the retail, logistics, transportation, educational, health and leisure industries. Although these sectors appear vastly different, we understand the fundamental needs of any business, which is to provide safe working environments for all staff and customers and deliver a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to all operations.

Line marking may be a small part of the overall estate, but it is often the first thing a customer, driver, or patient will see. It is important that it sets the right impression and conveys the right message. Line marking may be fundamental to the efficient parking on a retail park where a negative experience can put a customer off from returning.  Alternatively, it may be critical to the safe working of a busy distribution centre. 

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Reducing your carbon footprint

We continue to develop and innovate, bringing sustainable solutions to our road marking and highways maintenance projects and application processes through design and manufacture. We also work to build carbon-saving solutions into each project scheme, no matter how large or small.

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Increasing skid resistance

If there is a specific section of road or a location that causes continual issues, perhaps on an approach to a school, or around a tight bend? It’s time to consider improving skid resistance.

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The scale and coverage you need

This is where our expertise supports your outcomes. We have all the knowledge and experience to help you select the right products for the job, whether this is for superior durability or to enhance safety.

WJ Group has the scale and coverage to support national agreements, ensuring a line marking partner for all your requirements. This provides you with the reassurance that the job will be done right, on time and to a high quality allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your estate.

We have consistently provided line marking, demarcation products and safety solutions for various car parks, warehouses, airports and various other locations. Working closely with our customers, we can design safety-driven car park layouts that feature clear directional markings such as lines and symbols; and will ensure loading and unloading areas are appropriately marked.

Attention to detail

We also have plenty of experience supporting large scale warehouse plans for companies like Amazon. Attention to detail is crucial on a project such as this, as floor markings, symbols, and directional signage are integral to the efficiency and safety of the operation.

When it comes to educational facilities, our experience is quite diverse. We’ve provided uniformed lines for sports courts and multi-use facilities, as well as colourful floor graphics for children’s playground areas.

Our range of experience in the off-highway market is vast, but our approach remains consistent. We pride ourselves on safety-driven, sustainable solutions that are delivered efficiently, causing minimal disruption, and supporting ongoing productivity.

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