Thinking Community

Community engagement and project support to deliver real social value.

Our Thinking Community initiative is about inspiring as many lives as possible within the communities we live and work. Through collaboration with our people, clients, and supply chain, we aim to make a difference for the social, economic, and environmental benefit of all.
As an employee-led initiative, our team supports causes and projects meaningful to them by drawing on the resources and expertise within our business and our wider network.

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Every person we communicate with, work with or support is a ‘life inspired’. Whether we’re marking a car park for a hospice or supporting charities or schools, we insist on open communication and ongoing feedback. By maintaining a long-lasting relationship with various businesses, individuals and causes, we develop a real understanding of our impact and the outcomes of our actions.

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For every Thinking Community project, we measure our spending, lives inspired, and social value delivered. 

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For social value, we review our material usage, labour, capital inputs, and all positive outcomes communicated by individuals we have supported, based on the National TOMS framework, verified by the Social Value Portal. 

We have tracked social value since the inception of our Think Community. This has allowed us to demonstrate real-world value to our supply chain, enabling more collaborations that will significantly impact our communities.

An integral part of our Thinking Community is employee volunteering. This initiative supports our communities and fosters a greater sense of wellbeing for our teams. 

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Every person at WJ Group is offered one day, fully paid to volunteer. Since its inception, over one-fifth of our employees have actively taken part, with many reporting the great sense of achievement and development in their personal skills.