Operations Director WJ North

Nick has been working at WJ for over 20 years, he started his career on the roads as a road marker and has experience of both screed and machine work. Nicks talents helped him to progress quickly in the company, becoming a supervisor, contracts manager and later operations manager for WJ’s Stoke based depot.

2014 saw Nick join the board of directors as Operations Director for WJ North, since then Nick has proven his worth by developing a team of managers which has helped WJ’s operations flourish. Having been a liner himself Nick still takes great pride in delivering an exceptional service to the client. Nick is also passionate about efficiency and having studied lean management principles, is continuously looking to improve WJ’s operational efficiency.

Temporary road markings has always been Nicks ‘bread and butter’, having managed temporary markings on 90% of the major roadworks that have been established in the UK. Notably Nick managed the installation of the ‘games lanes’ at the 2012 Olympics, which was a particularly challenging project as well as being the single biggest road markings contract ever awarded in the UK.


Nick is heavily involved in the IHE ‘professional Certificate in Temporary Traffic Management Engineering’ initiative.