Highways Hero Scott Logan

23 November, 2020 - News - Craig Potts

WJ Group Transport Manager, Scott Logan, during the COVID 19 pandemic, has undoubtedly earned the title Highways Hero for his tireless efforts in helping to keep not only WJ safe, but all of our wider communities.

With the abundance of PPE that is currently available everywhere, it is easy to forget the difficulties that were initially faced when the pandemic began to reach Europe and national lockdowns were imposed.

Whilst many throughout the country were sent home, whether working from home or on furlough, our industry was designated as key workers and required to continue delivering as normal. This meant we quickly had to understand what additional PPE was needed, source it and distribute it to our workforce. This was made even more difficult due to the added challenges of the new PPE being outside our traditional requirements and the need to safeguard the supply chain of the health sector.

This is where Scott Logan excelled, working with the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team he began contacting suppliers all over the UK and Europe to obtain the PPE needed to ensure the safety of all our staff. This was imperative to enable the WJ Group to continue delivering the highway projects needed to help keep the UK road network running smoothly. He even worked closely with our joint venture partner in Belgium, ACBWJ, who responded by switching their production away from highway materials to Hand Sanitisers due to the global shortage.

In almost military fashion Scott purchased and distributed all the equipment, spending an entire weekend on the road, driving over 1800 miles to hand deliver the PPE to all our depots himself. As a result, guaranteeing they were sufficiently stocked with essential PPE and all of WJ’s over 500 employees could continue working safely during these difficult times. Following these initial shortages, he has continued working closely with everyone throughout the WJ Group to sustain their stock levels during this crisis.

In our recent COVID-19 survey, these efforts were reflected, with not a single person disagreeing that they were provided with the appropriate PPE to enable them to continue working safely.

However, where Scott really exemplified WJ’s core value of community is what he did as news began rolling in of global PPE shortages impacting on key workers in care homes, NHS centres and many other locations. As was the case all over the country, in addition to the news stories, personal stories from friends or friends of friends were told where they were without sufficient PPE and didn’t have access to the relevant supply chains to source them.

In line with our Thinking Community initiative, Scott encouraged WJ’s suppliers to increase production so he could purchase extra quantities and then working with other WJ colleagues he identified friends or family employed in locations that were struggling. After getting the details of these places, Scott began organising the distribution of PPE to them as well.

Additionally, to support our employees, care packages with various PPE such as masks and hand sanitiser were also sent out to all WJ employees’ home addresses so their families could be as safe as possible when going about their daily lives.

Above and beyond, then even further

This type of thinking embodies WJ’s ethos, and again working with others at WJ, Scott recognised that we not only have our own WJ and local communities to support but also our industry communities. So, Scott began working with other organisations within the road marking and wider highways industry to source PPE and wherever needed he donated WJ’s. Working with the rest of WJ, in total he helped donate over £25,000 of PPE externally.

If all this wasn’t enough, he then organised a colouring competition for everyone’s children that were at home during lockdown, with Group Managing Director, Wayne Johnston and Group Operations Director, Webb judging the winner. Yet the competition was fierce and with Wayne and Martin only being skilled in the fine art of white lines, they decided to award £20 amazon vouchers to all entrants.

The appreciation expressed from staff, their families and the wider community was immense and clearly was a big contribution to everyone’s wellbeing.

This is why Scott deserves to be called a Highways Hero, not only did he ensure the safety of WJ staff, local communities, key workers in the health and care sector, but also our partners throughout our wider industry communities, truly Thinking Community and helping enhance the reputation of the entire Highways Industry.