Hear the beautiful and talented voice of Philippa Walker, a young girl overcoming Scoliosis with a positive mental attitude, courage and desire to help others.

Continue to listen at the end of the song to hear a powerful, moving message from Philippa with her reasons behind writing and producing this song.

We forget that our family trials and tribulations are often obscured from the work environment but they are always impacting on our own wellbeing and performance, positively and negatively. Philippa is part of our Highways Industry family and especially during these darker times she shines a light of true inspiration for us all.

During lockdown Philippa, working with her Mum who produced the amazing graphics, and Steelwork Studios, finalised her lyrics, music and supporting video for this first single.

This is an amazing achievement for someone so young and Philippa has produced this with the sole purpose to help the NHS and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, who cared for her. All funds raised will help purchase innovative braces for children suffering from Scoliosis, which is just an extraordinary and heart-warming intent.

Now she is also using her story to raise awareness of Scoliosis so other children get checked early and also to inspire many more suffering from other disabilities and illnesses.    Well done Philippa

WJ Group, through their ‘Thinking Community’ campaign to inspire lives and create social value supported Philippa’s endeavour on the Scoliosis International Awareness Day 27th June 2020.

Want to help?

You can download her single from: