The Only Way is Essex for WJ Following Partnership Extension

19 July, 2022 - News Letters - WJ Group


WJ Group has confirmed that its partnership with Ringway Jacobs has been extended for another five years, where it will work with them to help manage, maintain and improve the Essex County Council’s highways network.

Having supported Ringway Jacobs since 2015, WJ’s dedicated and experienced Road Marking Contract Team will deliver road markings and stud works associated with surface dressing, micro surfacing and lining refresh works. Additionally, the team will support with maintenance of road markings across the road network over the five-year contract.

WJ impressed thanks to its commitment to deliver transformative innovations. These include the introduction of new equipment that will remove its workers from carriageways, increasing safety while delivering enhanced efficiency and performance. WJ will also continue to deliver new material innovations to achieve higher levels of retro-reflectivity, superior durability, and easier removal on projects across the county.

One of the benefits of working with WJ is its Social Value Calculator, which can demonstrate and benchmark social value contributions. In 2021, for example, WJ helped create more than £335,000 worth of social value in Essex, achieved through local spend, employment and environmental savings. These are assessed against the National Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) metrics, where a localised strategy is developed.

In Essex, WJ committed more than £80,000 of local spend last year alone, working with Essex-based suppliers to purchase goods. The company also determined more than £105,000 of social value had been achieved through local employment, while another £143,000 worth of environmental savings were achieved. WJ’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2032 means this value will be only increase over the five-year contract period.

Will Smith, Group Commercial Manager at WJ, said: “We have built a fantastic relationship with Ringway Jacobs and are delighted to continue to develop this over the next five years. We are particularly proud of the social value contributions, which we base on our material, labour, and capital inputs; as well as the potential outcomes for the people we help through our community projects.

“During the tender process, we were keen to not only display the fantastic achievements of the partnership to date, but also explore how we will continue our development to enhance our services. Thanks to a fantastic collaborative approach between WJ’s local commercial and central teams, we were able to impress with our futureproofed approach to the partnership.”

The new contract started in April 2022, running until 2027.