The business was formed by, Wayne Johnston and Martin Webb in 1987, where they both undertook the laying of road markings, as a subcontractor, for the large national road marking and traffic management companies. Over the last 28 years, they have sustainably grown the business by specialising in the application of permanent and temporary road markings, offering a quality service that its customers expected and has proved unrivalled within the road marking industry.

In 2005 WJ Roadmarkings introduced the innovative Hydroblast system, into the UK market, a new revolutionary method of removing road markings from existing carriageways. Hydroblast has now been established as the preferred choice of the Highways Agency and most Local Authorities for road markings removal.

WJ added a fleet of four Hydroblast machines to service the UK market nationally and has developed the system for other applications such as rubber removal on airports, highway retexturing and bitumen removal from surface dressed roads.