“To provide products and services making a positive contribution to our people, customers and communities where our social, environmental and economic impacts are considered and our legacy is for good.” – Paul Aldridge – Sustainability Director

We aim to think exceptional in everything and have developed our Sustainability Vision with that mindset. We have established an award winning culture of workforce engagement and are fully committed to establishing higher levels of sustainability to become a leader in Highways delivery.

As a sector leader we aim to deliver positive benefits to the industry and society, serving as a beacon of how business must operate and what’s more can help realise a more sustainable future for all.

Sustainability is a prerequisite of our core values of safety, delivery, innovation and collaboration, WJ embed sustainable thinking with our people, and collaborate with our clients and other stakeholders to provide an exceptional service.

Over the years, stereotypes surrounding the construction industry have grown with the idea that it is solely a place for men performing hard laborious manual jobs, with little scope for highly skilled specialists. We are proactively working to change this image, through innovation and collaboration to show that our industry is important to society, creative, progressive, fun and rewarding.

Our Sustainability Vision contains five categories of focus to bring about changes that will improve the world we live and work in.